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EPG-Sprint controller provides all WAGNER guns with an easy operating knob and precise AFC Closed-Loop-Technology

- All important coating parameters can be chosen, changed and stored in programs with the EPG-Sprint controller.

- This new controller can be used for both manual and automatic systems. When used as a stand alone manual unit the new PrimaSprint manual unit utilizes program number 4 for the HDR function. This High Dynamic Remote can be selected by simply double clicking the gun trigger in order to activate the stored program 4. Actually, this is the fastest and most ergonomic program change on the market!
- No loss of time, no coating interruptions.
- Closed-Loop AFC for safe repeatable amount of powder
- The only controller with adjustable HV-characteristic
- Fast, intuitive, self-explanatory use
- Short color change due to impulse purge program
- Perfect for Corona and Tribo application
- Up to 50 coating programs storable